Our Model


“ In business mistakes are inevitable. In fact, 90% of businesses fail not because of mistakes but because they stop at the first mistake. We at Galaxy Group belong to the other 10% that starts over and over again until they achieve their goal. Hard work, continuous learning and
consistency are the foundation of our team’s success.

From small to big, we don’t have minor tasks—in our mission to deliver success, every detail is important. While everyone’s aiming at the stars, trying to explore the universe, we at Galaxy believe in the commitment to improve our own home, community and the lives around us. Whatever you search for—that’s here, that’s home, that’s us! ”



Initially, all you have is an idea but that idea is everything. We at Galaxy have developed our own set of tools and funnel for testing ideas.


As we go further with the project, we develop, form and deliver it to the highest quality. We involve partners, investors and hire project teams to set it up for success.


Companies are the core of our Galaxy. They perform and deliver the customers and come back to home base for strategy, consulting, business development and reporting.


Galaxy Group of Companies guarantees compliance with high international standards of corporategovernance, application of best practices and management.

To establish a distinct, measurable and accessible environment across all activities in Galaxy Group of Companies, we developed and introduced procedures and mechanisms, as well as norms and directives ensuring successful implementation of standards.

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