Our Story

Galaxy Group of Companies is a factory that forms, assembles and delivers successful businesses.

This is a group of companies that always strives for excellence by seeing ahead, asking questions yet to be actualized and combining previous experiences into something more developed, more successful.
Galaxy is a house of professionals with shared standards and ethics, united by a mission to improve lives and communities. Welcome to our Galaxy!

Galaxy Group of Companies is a success story for entrepreneurs and startup ventures.

Founded in 1999 by Aram, Gurgen and Artyom Khachatryans, the company grew from 30 employees to 3000, becoming one of the biggest group of companies in Eastern Europe.

From an idea to a project, from a project to a company – Galaxy has created its companies from the ground up, each time setting a new benchmark, delivering a new product or a service. From telecom to IT, from retail to hospitality; this is a group of companies that makes the most out of each industry to bring disruptive innovation.

Galaxy Group of Companies manages 15 successful companies represented in Armenia, Georgia and Belarus. Each company is unique, offering disruptive and innovative products, creating new benchmarks for the region as well as establishing a culture of corporate social responsibility.

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Our Values
FORWARD THINKINGWe are always the first to ask questions and answer them with our work. Our ability ...
Our People
With people relying on us, we cannot compromise. Knowing that the lives of our consumers have been ...
Our Model
THE ADDRESS OF THE FOUNDERS “ In business mistakes are inevitable. In fact, 90% of businesses ...