About Us
Our Story
Galaxy Group of Companies is a success story for entrepreneurs and startup ventures. The company grew from 30 employees to 3,000, expanding into diverse industries and fields. It sent new business benchmarks for the region, as well as establishing a culture of corporate social responsibility.
Our Values
Success comes from continuous learning, hardship and pursuit of perfection. By supporting people who have a will to learn, we ensure the future of successful business initiatives in Armenia.
Get Involved
We are professionals, with shared standards and ethics, united by a mission to make the world a better place. See more ways you could get involved, and join our team!
Corporate Governance
Galaxy Group of Companies guarantees compliance with high international standards of corporate governance, application of best practices and management. To establish a distinct, measurable and accessible environment across all activities in Galaxy Group of Companies, we developed and introduced procedures and mechanisms, as well as norms and directives ensuring successful implementation of standards.