Meet Armenia

We believe that Armenia is one of the best countries to invest in.

Similar in size to Belgium or the Maryland, Armenia is a democratic country in the South Caucasus. In addition to the free trade agreements with most of CIS states, potentially opening up free access to about 250 million consumers, this country benefits from the EU’s GSP+ and GSP systems with Canada, Japan, Norway, Switzerland, and the United States.

As a member-state of the Eurasian Economic Union, Armenia’s domestic market of 3 million people has transformed into a shared market of 170 million, while serving a gateway-country for the EEU member-states’ companies to take advantage of its GSP+ regime.

Armenia is internationally considered as one of the safest countries in the world and one of the easiest to start a business. The year-round sun climate, the relatively cheap cost of living, along with high-quality human capital, sustainable monetary system and good educational and technological base make the country attractive for visitors and investors.

Among many industries, IT & Telecom, Hospitality and Commercial Real Estate in Armenia have the most potential to meet diverse investment needs.

Stemming from its unique institutional heritage in the region, the Galaxy Group of Companies offers a multidimensionally attractive investment package to suffice any business ambitions.

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