Mission statement
Our foundation aims to improve lives and communities, mainstream innovation, and create new benchmarks for a better, more sustainable, business environment.
Founders' Message
Our community helped us succeed, and it is our mission to better the lives of those around us. Our community is the foundation of our country. There are people to whom we could not serve through our business initiatives. We hope that through our foundation, we will be able to serve our entire community.
Projects & Partnerships
We believe that key partnerships with organizations whose mission is to better the lives of communities increases our impact and reach. Our partners make our impact possible. Each partner is unique in solving different segments: education, art, policies, etc.  We are united to help our community.
Galaxy Group as a General Sponsor of Big Christmas Market
Partner: Big Projects Start of the Project: 2021 Name of the Project: Galaxy Group as a Genera ...
Corporate Politics and Society
Partner: EBA Armenia Start of the project:  July 2021 Name of the project: Corporate Politics ...
Ensuring quality eduation for young generation
Partner: Ayb Educational Foundation Start of the project:  June 2021 Name of the project: Ens ...