PANDORA – Your Online Jewelry Box

At the close of 2023 and the dawn of 2024, PANDORA expanded its horizons, coming up with a new concept in the realms of jewelry and fashion. With innovative ideas and design solutions, PANDORA reaffirmed its prestigious position among global brands.

The significant interest and demand for the brand in Armenia inspired the TI’ME watch and jewelry company to launch the official PANDORA website in Armenia. After extensive collaboration with representatives of the Danish brand, customers can now explore This site meets the brand’s global standards in both technical and content aspects.

The PANDORA Armenian website serves as a platform where brand enthusiasts and new customers alike can enjoy a more convenient shopping experience, accessing a wide range of jewelry.

In addition to its presence on the website, offers straightforward yet detailed navigation solutions.

Symbolically, the launch of coincided with the introduction of a brand-new PANDORA jewelry collection, Essence. Featuring unique design solutions and forms not typically associated with the brand, the Essence collection expands its appeal by incorporating more elegant jewelry pieces.

A highlight of the collection is the pearl jewelry, including bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, which are highly sought after in the fashion industry.

Since its inception, PANDORA has been a name synonymous with innovation and leadership in jewelry art. For over four decades, PANDORA has delighted customers with four main collections: Moments, Me, Timeless, and Signature. Each collection conveys a unique meaning, aims to express a clear message, and showcases a distinct, signature style.

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