Gate2: Elevating the Standard of Travel Services

Gate2 Travel agency, situated at Yeznik Koghbatsi, 28, has set itself apart over the past year with its commitment to delivering exceptional services in the tourism sector.

As you step into Gate2’s spacious, comfortable, and stylish office, their certified specialists, known as “travel designers,” welcome you with seasoned expertise derived from major international airlines and travel agencies. Going beyond conventional practices in tourism, these experts at Gate2 craft unique premium and luxury offers using personalized data and advanced marketing techniques for each visitor. The result is an unforgettable experience tailored to the specific preferences and desires of the customers.

The company guarantees that all customer calls and inquiries are promptly addressed, offering the best available conditions in the current tourist market. The comprehensive services cover individual and group trips, as well as vacations worldwide. This is made possible through various forms of collaboration, including exclusive contracts. Company handles air ticket and hotel reservations, online check-in, business meetings organization abroad, transfers, and arranging visits to attractions and museums during vacations or travels, including ticket reservations. To access these services, simply reach out to a Gate2 representative. One of the standout benefits is the Concierge service, a result of considerable effort and energy dedicated to its creation and development.

The ideal trip lies in the well-thought-out details. The Concierge service is designed for those who want to save time and eliminate the hassle of planning. That’s why the “travel designers” start by understanding your travel preferences, schedule, and budget, creating a tailored package with all the necessary details. Gate2’s services go beyond travel bookings; they also suggest the finest restaurants and entertainment venues. Additionally, they provide travel guides with insider information that proves useful for various types of trips, whether it’s a family vacation, adventure, or romantic getaway.

Corporate services are a key focus for Gate2, and they have already provided top-notch services to many companies, including “Pepsi-Cola Bottler Armenia” and the “Galaxy Group of Companies”. Gate2 team is always there for customers around the clock, ready to answer questions and tackle any issues. The goal of the travel agency is to offer a variety of packages at different price points, providing the best quality. 

“Over 1,000 clients have visited our office, all leaving with personalized packages and great memories”, highlights Christina Beglaryan, General Director of Gate2. Under her leadership, Gate2 specializes in unique “tailor-made” packages. As we approach the New Year, Gate2 suggests getting ready for new destinations and fresh experiences.

About Gate2: Established in 2022, Gate2 is a travel company led by seasoned professionals with a decade or more of experience in organizing trips and business meetings abroad. Committed to delivering top-notch travel services, Gate2 specializes in booking tickets and hotels, offering concierge services, and arranging both individual and group trips, as well as holidays worldwide.

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