A box of warmth to the children of Artsakh

Partner: World Vision Armenia

Start of the project:  December 2020

Name of the project: A box of warmth to the children of Artsakh from Galaxy Group of Companies



Ahead of the New Year holidays, Galaxy Group of Companies along with World Vision Armenia international charity organization united their efforts around the idea of kindness and care. Within the framework of the “Secret Santa” joint initiative, this year 300 children from Artsakh families, who took refuge in Armenia, received their gifts, called a “Box of Warmth”, from the employees of Ucom, Megafood, Yerevan Mall, Megatoys, KinoPark, Megasport, Time, Chronograph, Teryan 5, Santafe and Pahest33—all part of Galaxy Group of Companies.

Read more about the project here.