Summer achievements 2020

Coronavirus and the subsuqent crises, acting like a swift one-two punch combo, closed all the possibilities of travel and adventure. Anyhow, neither stopped us from accomplishing new things and striving for bigger dreams, albeit in small steps. So without further ado, let’s summarize the top 5 (there were many but we try to remain modest as can be).

1. Having allocated additional funds by the founders of the group of companies, we overcame the first quarter of the coronacrisis without job cuts. The decision of the Board of Directors was to go through great lengths in order to ensure that no employee of the group of companies would be left out of the system. 

2. The Economic and Social Impact Report (2019) of Galaxy Group of Companies was published. Did you know that Galaxy Group of Companies enters every third household in Armenia through its products and services, and in 2019 alone, Galaxy Group paid over 31 million USD in taxes. A thing like that.

3. In a joint cooperation with Newmag we were able to release one of the most influential historians and philosophers of the 21st century, Yuval Noah Harari’s book “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” in Armenian. We find it very important that Armenia becomes part of the global agenda and dialogue, giving us the ability to reevaluate the future of our country based on our renewed understanding of the world. By the way, have you the boom yet? 

4. We managed to convey our love and warmth to the children of SOS Children’s Villages Armenia through our “50 letters, 50 smiles” project, providing children with tablets to enabling as well as facilitating their right to education. 

5. In partnership with MediaMax, we made a modest contribution to the launch of the Moscow 80 project. It is common to say that the Iron Curtain of Soviet fell as a result of the most politicized Olympics in the history. Read more of the story here .

By the way, the most favorite video of the team was “Today is a new day”, which is made exclusively of documentary footage, highlighting the 20-year journey of the Galaxy Group of Companies in a single day.

Well, we wish you all a pleasant day…
after all, every day is a new day to start your work with love.

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