Chief Executive Officer, Technogym
  • As the CEO of Technogym in Armenia, she orchestrate strategic initiatives aimed at expanding the brand presence and fostering fitness culture in the country to solidify Galaxy Group’s position as a leader in the Armenian fitness industry.

    Her journey in the fitness industry began in 2015 when she was chosen to lead a project as a project manager for a new sports club in Armenia, which would later become renowned as Reebok Sports Club Armenia. Her career trajectory at Reebok Sports Club Armenia culminated in her appointment to the position of Chief Operating Officer, where she assumed responsibility for overseeing club operations and achieving sales and marketing objectives.

    She holds a Master of Science degree in International Strategic Marketing from the University of Glasgow. Her passion extends beyond marketing to the fascinating realm of Behavioural Economics, prompting her to delve deep into the subject through numerous online courses, including those offered by Harvard Business School.

    Since 2018, she has had the privilege of instructing Marketing Fundamentals at Russian-Armenian University and Behavioral Economics for MBA students at the Medical University after Heratsi.

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