Technical Director, Ucom
  • Vahram Ilbekyants is the Technical Director at Ucom, a Galaxy Group company.

    He is responsible for ensuring uninterrupted mobile & fixed network operations, internet & TV services, controlling the quality indicators of the Company’s networks. The scope of his involvement includes the development, operation and modernization of all networks, improving the quality of communication services, eliminating network malfunctions, ensuring new subscribers’ connections, etc.

    Vahram started his professional career in the field of telecommunications yet in 2006, joining Armenian TV, Radio Transmission Network CJSC and then MTS Armenia (VivaCell TM). He then continued his technical career at Nokia International, holding various technical positions and leading several key projects there for nearly 11 years.

    Vahram holds BA in Nuclear Physics from Yerevan State University, and MA in Marketing from RA National Academy of Sciences.

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