This article aims to shed light on the diverse female members of the executive staff within the Group of Companies. While there are many such individuals, in this article we present eight of them. Despite their varying experiences and work styles, all of these women embody the will, courage, and sense of responsibility necessary to make pivotal decisions that not only impact themselves and Galaxy Group of Companies but also the broader society at large.

Elina Gabrielyan

Deputy CEO, Galaxy Group of Companies

“Where do you work?” is an easy question to answer, but for Elina Gabrielyan, when friends and family inquire about her profession, it becomes a bit more challenging. “Mostly, I jokingly reply with ‘who knows’ or simply say I work in finance. However, in more formal settings, my usual response is that I oversee the operations of several companies,” explains Gabrielyan, who has served as the Deputy CEO of Business Operations at Galaxy Group since 2021.

Known for her quick decision-making abilities, Gabrielyan states, “when faced with the predicament of to act or not, I always choose to act, as it is usually the right course of action. If failure is inevitable, then it’s better to fail fast.” She views challenges as opportunities that “make the process interesting and memorable,” and by focusing on the process rather than the situation, she can solve problems quickly.

Gabrielyan firmly believes in following one’s inner voice and enjoying the work process. She emphasizes that “if you don’t enjoy your work, then you are in the wrong place.” This philosophy makes it easier for her to manage her time effectively—in her own words, “I dedicate my weekends to family, early mornings to me and my friends, and the remainder of the day is spent working diligently.”

 Tamar Gelashvili

General Manager, Chronograph Georgia

Tamar Gelashvili serves as the General Manager of Chronograph Georgia, a member of Galaxy Group of Companies. Chronograph is widely recognized as a symbol of luxury and high quality by most of the population of Georgia, and Gelashvili’s mission is to maintain this reputation. With her extensive experience, she is adept at making quick decisions, although exceptions exist. Having been a part Galaxy Group of Companies for six years, Gelashvili maintains that teamwork and finding collaborative solutions are the best approaches to overcoming any challenges.

Gelashvili attributes her success to her approach of embracing new challenges with a fresh perspective, always seeking innovative solutions. She states, “a new challenge, a new solution” as the secret to her success.

When asked about her personal time, Gelashvili notes that work consumes a significant portion of her life, but she still manages to find time for her loved ones and other interests.

As a successful woman, Gelashvili believes that it is crucial to have more free time to engage with young people. Sharing their stories can inspire and motivate young women to believe in their abilities and pursue their aspirations.

Arina Arustamyan 

Commercial Director, Ucom

Arina Arustamyan, the Commercial Director of Ucom, attributes her success to the right approach, skills, efforts, and a bit of luck. With extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, Arustamyan has served in this role for over two years. She has encountered many challenging situations that required difficult decisions.

Arustamyan believes that individuals possess more potential than they often realize, and it is in trying times that one can discover their full potential. She credits her success to her ability to take responsibility and calculated risks, her positive and open mindset, and her love for work

When asked about the amount of time she devotes to work and personal life, Arustamyan states that the workload may fluctuate but never impedes on other areas of her life. She always makes time for friends, relatives, and personal time.

Arustamyan notes that her profession frequently becomes a topic of discussion among friends and relatives. She emphasizes that the telecommunications industry is intriguing due to the healthy competition and alignment with global trends.

Overall, Arustamyan’s success can be attributed to her hard work, calculated risks, and positive outlook, which have enabled her to excel in the telecommunications industry.

During our conversation with Arina Arustamyan on the occasion of International Women’s Day, we asked about any pertinent topics that the community should discuss.

Arustamyan highlighted the persistence of gender discrimination in our society and the need for a more progressive mindset. She emphasized that, “everyone must work towards changing the public’s perception of women’s appointment to leadership or responsible positions. It is crucial to create an inclusive environment where individuals, regardless of gender, can develop their skills and excel in their roles. Breaking down gender stereotypes and promoting gender equality in all spheres of life is a necessary step towards achieving a more equitable and just society.”

Astghik Sargsyan

Chief People Officer, Galaxy Group of Companies

Astghik Sargsyan, the Chief People Officer at Galaxy Group of Companies, recalls that accepting the offer to work in Kazakhstan, far from her native country and family, was the most challenging decision of her life. However, Astghik notes that it was the right decision, despite its difficulties.

Astghik Sargsyan, with over 15 years of professional experience, emphasizes the importance of seizing opportunities and making decisions without regret. “Facing challenges can strengthen us,” and Sargsyan’s formula for overcoming difficult situations is simple, “Do what you have to do, and the result will be what it should be.”

While many women in Armenia have succeeded in business, the political empowerment of women in the country still needs improvement. As Sargsyan notes, the lack of women in government is a pressing issue that needs attention. Finding the right balance between career and family has always been challenging, particularly for women. To address this challenge, Astghik suggests adopting a new concept of integrating work and life, rather than just balancing them.

Astghik Sargsyan herself spends 80% of the workweek focused on her career, but uses the weekends to prioritize family, friends, yoga, and self-improvement. As she concludes, “Life is beautiful, enjoy it.”

Shushan Avagimyan

Business Development Director, Yerevan Mall

“The most difficult decision of my life was to pursue my dream of becoming a successful woman in business while being a happy wife and mother, without betraying myself and my principles,” says Shushan Avagimyan, Business Development Director of Yerevan Mall shopping and entertainment center. Her formula for success is straightforward: taking responsibility for everything in life and not blaming anyone for failures. However, believing in oneself, having endless love, aspiration, will, and continuous self-development are also crucial for success.

Shushan believes that there are eight billion people and eight billion success formulas in the world. “In my opinion, it is not necessary to find the formula for success, but to create your own,” she says. Shushan has been working at Yerevan Mall since it opened almost ten years ago. Before that, she held managerial positions in various companies in the media and banking sectors.

While most of Shushan’s friends know what her role as Business Development Director entails, sometimes she has to explain it to others. “When my elderly relatives, who are not closely related to my activities, ask what I do, I tell them that I am engaged in promoting the business. If that answer does not satisfy them, I tell them that I am involved in advertising,” Shushan says with a smile.

Work takes up more than half of Shushan’s day, and the rest is for her family. “My evenings are exclusively for my family, and I share my weekends between my family, friends and relatives. Late in the evening or at night, I try to find time to read or watch a movie. Sometimes, I even manage to indulge in some petty feminine activities,” she says.

Ketevan Gabitashvili

Country Manager, TI’ME Georgia

Armine Yengibaryan joined Galaxy Group of Companies four years ago and has since held the position of Commercial Director at Megafood, a subsidiary of the Group. “I feel like I’ve been here all my life,” she says.

Armine Yengibaryan prides herself on making decisions with ease, including the toughest ones. The most challenging decision she faced during the COVID-19 pandemic was staff reduction, which was successfully overcome without any layoffs. “I consider it our success, not just mine,” she explains.

Armine believes that hard work and responsibility are essential to achieving success. Despite spending long hours at the office, she considers herself fortunate to have the understanding and support of her family and friends, which gives her strength and energy.

On International Women’s Day, Armine chooses to celebrate the contributions that women have made and continue to make in various fields, including business and management. “Successful women are an inspiration and motivation. I want to express my gratitude to them for showing us by example that anything is possible,” she says.

Syune Parsyan

Chief Financial Officer, Ucom

“Every decision has a price, whether it’s right or wrong. Failure to make a decision can have worse consequences than making the wrong decision,” believes Syune Parsyan, the Financial Director of UCOM. She has held this position for two and a half years, but the cooperation with Galaxy Group of Companies has a history of almost 10 years.

When asked about her responsibilities, she sometimes jokes, “I work in the most interesting field, I do everything except for quantum physics.”

When asked to sum up her success story in one sentence, the answer to the question was short: “History has just begun.”

As such, she will also write that story faithful to her success formulas, “Every difficulty is an opportunity,”—a slogan that is borrowed from the American sci-fi movie The Martian: “Never, never give up.”

When asked about her free time, she jokingly replies, “Free time? What’s that?”. Syune Parsyan emphasizes the importance of investing effort, setting priorities, and managing time to achieve work-personal life balance. Without these measures, it becomes impossible to find time for family and friends due to the workload.

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