The Futures Business Internship. Start of the project

GLXY is a home base to its companies, striving to improve the quality of life in its community and beyond. As a vital part of that philosophy GLXY encourages the involvement if GLXY community members and their families through sports, arts, classical music. This year, Galaxy aims at welcoming the most precious members of Galaxy community – the kids of employees.

The project aims at hosting GLXY community kids to help them in their career orientation, to support the understanding of what it is to do business. Lastly, GLXY believes it will be adventurous and fun for kids to visit the workplaces of their parents, to experience working there for one day, which will bring joy to both parents and kids.

Community internship – series of tours, public lectures and visits to places of interest and cultural value.

  1. Tour inside the companies /interesting aspects -call centers, server rooms, stage rooms, cinema backstage (no tours in office space, that would too boring for kids, watchmaking)
  2. Public lectures by GLXY executives – each on their offices
  3. Cultural & fun component /galleries, museums, cafe and fun together.

The registration form for 2024 is here.

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