Trust is a two way street

There is no better achievement for a company than earning its customers’ loyalty. A new TI’ME loyalty program has been launched.

TI’ME celebrated its 6th birthday on Thursday, January 31. When it opened its first store in Yerevan, there was a misconception that it was an international brand, whereas TI’ME is an Armenian brand, which started from 1 store and now has many stores not only in Armenia, but also in Georgia and Belarus.

As TI’ME has a real success story, here are 6 interesting facts about it:

1. When opened in 2013, TI’ME had a staff of 4 people. Nowadays, there are about 300 people working in the company.

2. TI’ME is an abbreviation, which opens as “Territory Where I’M Excited”.

3. There are 29 TI’ME stores in Armenia, Georgia and Belarus. The stores are located in high traffic areas and the most popular shopping malls.

4. TI’ME’s brand portfolio includes over 35 international brands with more than 3000 products. Many well-known and fashionable brands are presented in TI’ME stores, like Hamilton, Gucci, PANDORA, Fossil, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Diesel, Ti Sento, Brosway, Casio, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.

5. Customer service is one of the most important values in TI’ME, so each sales consultant passes a special 30-day training in the field of watchmaking and service.

6. TI’ME is member of “Galaxy” group of companies, which was founded in 1999. During 20 years of its operations, the group expanded its portfolio not only in retail industry, but also in the fields of real estate, construction, telecommunications and information technologies.

P.S. TI’ME is a good example of an Armenian company, which constantly implements Corporate Social Responsibility projects for helping those who are in need of it.

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