With the support of Ucom, on May 6-7, 2023, the 4th Mental Arithmetic Olympiad, named “Knowledge is Power,” was held at the Sports and Concert Complex after K. Demirchyan. The largest educational event of the year was attended by 600 students aged 5-17 from Yerevan, almost all regions of Armenia, and Russia, who had the opportunity to once again demonstrate their knowledge and skills. 

The organizer of the Olympiad was IQ Center Global Education, which carries out large-scale activities in the field of additional education. IQ Center is the founder of the Armenian Association of Mental Arithmetic and the only official representative in the region of the world’s mental arithmetic founders, PAMA Global and SAMA Global. The center has been providing thousands of children in Yerevan and the regions with the opportunity to study mental arithmetic for 6 years. 

“We are glad not only to have provided technical support for the event by supplying a high-speed internet connection but also to congratulate 12-year-old Arina Abelyan from Martuni and 8-year-old Eduard Pashayan from Yerevan for winning the title of super winners and special Ucom awards”, said Ralph Yirikian, Director General at Ucom. 

The 4th International Mental Arithmetic Olympiad brought together a number of honored guests including heads of educational institutions, representatives of leading businesses, singers, actors, and artists. Their presence excited the participants. 

The Olympiad concluded with an awards ceremony, during which all participating children received special gifts from IQ Center Global Education. Dozens of participants who placed in the competition received gifts from the sponsors and partners of the Olympiad. After the competition, the children enjoyed a show program and participated in games, quizzes, flash mobs, robotics, and art masterclasses. Throughout the event, an exhibition was held for more than two thousand parents who accompanied the participants.

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