Katna Armenian cheeses enter the market: the new project of Galaxy Group of Companies

Ideas of love differ: love for the family, relatives, homeland or work. Love is what inspires to achieve the most cherished goals and overcome the most difficult hardships in life. Since 2020, Galaxy Group of Companies, represented by MegaFood acting in the group, has worked for the creation of dairy products of love, warmth and affordable to all families, and today, it enters the market with the products of Katna Armenian cheeses.

Katna is made of 100% natural milk. It undergoes ripening for 60 days in a special temperature regime — in conditions of 0-50C and 80% humidity, then enters all small and large shops located in Yerevan and the marzes by means of thermal insulation machine and, after that, special delivery cars, in order to be accessible to every Armenian family.

“The Armenian consumer deserves the best. We want to represent the traditional Armenian cheese to Armenian consumers with high quality and packaging, in combination with modern technologies, and to create Armenian-based goods for the community, with its economic and social outputs. I am glad to record that, following intensive works taken around one year, today we are already entering the market. My special thanks are due to for the project team, the key people who have spared no effort to give life to Katna. It would be impossible to bring this project to life without their efforts”, said co-founder and Chief Director of Galaxy Group of Companies Aram Khachatryan.

Katna’s heroine is Nare — a hard-working, educated and goal-oriented Armenian girl who attaches importance to healthy and natural food and the aesthetic serving of the latter. Nare travels around the world, explores the new and interesting; at the same time, she has a strong conviction that the Armenian cheese has a unique taste and traditions, and if the cheese processing standards, the pure and natural base are maintained, Armenian “Lori”, “Chanakh” will become internationally competitive and recognisable cheeses.

Katna’s branding was carried out by the Armenian company Indigo, which has combined the product types according to branding colours, where green packaging symbolises the nature of Armenia, blue is the colour of Katna’s honesty, the fact that Katna uses a 100% natural component, whereas violet — the high quality of Katna cheeses.

“Our team has gone through quite serious stages of research and experimental works, where consumer behaviour, people’s needs and market supply with its qualitative components were combined. Today, we confidently say that Katna is Armenian cheese with high international standards, which can please Armenian consumers striving for new quality and lifestyle — natural, healthy and, at the same time, affordable dairy supply”, said Commercial Director of MegaFood Armine Yengibaryan.

Katna cheeses, with the types “Lori”, “Chanakh” and “Suluguni”, are produced in Amasia Head Cheese Factory which was established in 1937. Large-scale investments were made in the Factory in 2019 in co-operation with MegaFood, with the establishment of a new production unit and re-armament for the purpose of producing Katna cheese. The new production unit has a capacity of re-processing up to 60 tons of milk per day during three shifts.

Galaxy Group of Companies is one of the large employers and taxpayers of Armenia. This is already the second economic development project within the scope of the “Development Projects” announced in September 2021, with its social impact. We would also like to mention that as a responsible business, Galaxy Group of Companies transferred more than AMD 11,5 billion (more than USD 22 million) in the form of tax payments to the State Budget of the Republic of Armenia in 2020. Procurement from the local market comprised more than USD 36 million. Currently, Galaxy Group of Companies has around 2500 employees; the average monthly income has comprised AMD 364,716 in the Group, and more than AMD 2 billion of income tax has transferred to the State Budget.

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