Khachatryan brothers donate AMD 50 million to Insurance Foundation for Servicemen

Gurgen, Artyom and Aram Khachatryans, co-founders of Galaxy Group of Companies, sent a message today, which reads:

To our courageous brothers, who are currently fighting on the front lines, to those who continue to enlist in the army,

To the mothers and sisters who bid farewell to their loved ones with victorious songs,

To our civilian fighters who wage information and diplomatic wars, having not left their phones and computers for a minute,

To our telecom teams who went on border duty and spent sleepless nights,

To our devoted people who maintain the continuity of public life…

Today, we are all united by our duty of a just fight. It is thus the duty of all of us to stand by our country and our soldiers at this crucial moment, to protect the security of our people and the integrity of our homeland. We can all have our disagreements, however in times like these, we must be united.

As a commitment to our people and our army, all our companies along with our family, in particular, continue the support in various ways. Today our support is directed towards the Insurance Foundation for Servicemen. It was created to provide stable and equal insurance compensation to the heroes who died or were wounded while defending the borders of our homeland, and from our point of view, this foundation needs our’s and everyone else’s support now more than ever. At the same time, we will continue to develop the technical equipment of the Artsakh borders with even more powerful modern devices.

We wish strength and unity to our people and may God protect our soldiers.

As a reminder, Galaxy Group of Companies include a number of companies of vital importance, including the telecommunications operator Ucom, which currently provides technical assistance on the front line. Galaxy Group of Companies has conducted numerous social development projects through its foundation. The Khachatryans also have a significant role in contributing defense/security systems, which saves the lives of soldiers.

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