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When Galaxy Group was founded? Who are the founders?

Our corporate history traces back to 1999, from which point on the Galaxy Group of Companies of today has been formed step by step, overcoming multitudes of challenges along the way. In a 22-year span, we have managed to expand and diversify our business portfolio, establish brands beloved by customers, enter and innovate a variety of industries. Our companies have become leaders in their respective industries, setting new benchmarks and standards for others to follow suit, whilst maintaining the characteristics unique to them.

While Galaxy Group serves as one of the biggest conglomerates in Eastern Europe, behind the image of a multi-industry, successful corporation hides the journey of hard work, trials and tribulations, failures that are masked by the eventual outcome. Before forming Galaxy Group of Companies, Gurgen and Artyom Khachatryans and their cousin Aram Khachatryan were just young brothers who aspired to be entrepreneurs. They tried their hands at starting multiple small businesses in their youth. Worked hard, had successful cases, failures too, but those success cases defined all that we have known today as Galaxy.

However, among the many feats we have accomplished over the years, what we take the most pride in is the fact that Galaxy Group of Companies is formed with a capital of mainly Armenian origin. Our primary objective with each company that we establish is to contribute to the development of Armenia’s economy and to improve the quality of life of our community. It is our belief that the wellbeing and prosperity of our company is directly correlated with that of our country—therefore, in this mutually symbiotic relationship, we have to ensure that we hold our end of the deal and do our part in developing Armenia.

Which companies are part of Galaxy Group? Who are my colleagues within the group?

Galaxy Group of Companies has established its business presence in various industries in the private sector, anchoring its position as a successful conglomerate with a diversified business portfolio. From commercial real estate and construction all the way to entertainment and retail, businesses operating under Galaxy Group’s umbrella cover a range of industries and cater to all kinds of customers.

Galaxy Group serves as the holding company of 15 businesses, reserving the role of management and strategic development of its subsidiaries. Offering a completely new culture and innovative products, our companies are all unique in their own right. We are all united around the same purpose, that is to find the best solutions for effective service delivery.

Chronograph boutiques are luxury multibrand stores with the finest selection of high-end watches, accessories and jewelry.

IUnetworks is an IT company that provides integrated solutions of hardware supply and software development.

Megafood is the largest importer and distributor of confectionery and food products on the local market.

Megasport is a leading chain of retail stores for a full line of sporting goods

Megatoys is a retailer of high-quality toys, games, child care products in the market, with strong portfolio of world known brands.

Pahest33 conceptual bar and restaurant is located in the glamorous “Bohemian Area” of Yerevan. Its a perfect place to go to on late evenings and enjoy fine drinks served by one of the best barmen in Armenia.

SantaFe is one of the well-known open-air café-restaurants in Yerevan, which islocated in the central district of the city, near famous monuments such as the Cascade and Opera House.

TI’ME represents world-famous watches and jewelry brands in Armenia, Georgia and Belarus.

Ucom is the fastest fixed and mobile services provider in Armenia. It is the absolute leader in IPTV and fixed internet market in Armenia and occupies the key position on the Armenian mobile internet market.

Yerevan Mall, opened in 2014, is the largest family oriented shopping mall and enterteinment center in Armenia.

Check more on the Galaxy Group companies here.

What are the values of Galaxy Group? What are we striving for?

Our values are:


We always challenge the ordinary, rethink the existing. We are always the first to ask questions and answer them with our work. And we meet the challenges through knowledge-based approaches. Our ability to see ahead and calculate all courses of action lead us to practical innovation with maximal output. We always think about the markets of tomorrow.


Excellence comes from our ability to learn from each other. We work hard, we try, we evaluate, we deliver and we grow. On the path of our business advancement, each experience brings new knowledge, while enhancing the opportunities of implementing our mission towards bettering the world and the quality of life.


With every market we enter and every project we initiate, we set new standards for the industry. We strive to change the game not for the sake of merely shaking things up but pushing ourselves and our competitors towards better understanding and comprehension of our customers’ needs. We’re on a mission to improve people’s everyday lives.

Who are the key people among all Galaxy Group companies?

Visit this page to e-meet with the teams!

Where can I find a general Overview of the Group or to say the Company Presentation?

Please visit the following page and enjoy our digital company overview:

Where can I find the annual social and economic Impact report of the Group?

Through its goods and services, the Galaxy Group penetrates every third household in Armenia, having consistently ranked as one of the top taxpayers in the country. As a responsible business, we annually summarize the financial year with public reports. For details about the Group’s economic and social indicators, please see here.

What are our key causes for corporate social responsibility?

As of 2019-21, Galaxy Group of Companies with its Corporate Foundation Implemented about 20 development programs aimed at enhancing the positive image of Armenia, supporting social and educational development, improving lives and communities. Throughout the past two years, the number of direct beneficiaries of the programs has exceeded 12,000. For 2022 Galaxy plans to double the number of development programs, with a hope to make modest, yet sustainable contribution towards social improvement, recovery and development of Armenia’s economy. Please read more about the key projects here.

Are we partnering or members of Business Unions?

Throughout the 20 years of our journey, we have established and proudly maintained strategic partnerships with 200+ partner companies from over 20 major business destinations in the world. Galaxy Group is a member of European Business Association, American Chamber of Commerce, French Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

What are the key business projects Galaxy Group is currently working on.

The Group has partnered with Eriksson, Etix, Swatch Group, Richmond Group, Marriott International, and PAUL international, among others, running joint projects in the region. Courtyard by Marriott hotel and Teryan 5 residential building and PAUL French bakery franchise in Armenia are the two leading projects that are soon to start operating. Learn more about our projects here.

Katna Armenian cheeses is one of the new projects that have just recently enter the market. More about the project here:

What is our stance toward investing in Armenia?

We believe that Armenia is one of the best countries to invest in, and the huge part of businesses are based and operated in Armenia, while our social-economic activities and development projects are aimed at bettering lives and communities in Armenia. Stemming from strategy, we promote investing in Armenia. Read more:

How can I follow the company news?

You can learn about our daily activities either through checking our media room or getting engaged with our social networking sites Facebook and LinkedIn, following our Twitter, joining our Telegram channel, or checking GLXY Insider disseminated within our GLXY community.


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