“Fall forward”: Gurgen Khachatryan addressed a message to young people in Armenia

Galaxy Group of Companies, one of the largest employers and taxpayers in Armenia, announces the launch of development projects campaign for 2022. The campaign launch is marked with an inspiring motivational commercial addressed to young people in Armenia. The campaign goal is to inspire, support, and encourage the youth of post-war Armenia to find hope and opportunities in their own country.

Gurgen Khachatryan, the co-founder of the Galaxy Group of Companies and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ucom CJSC, released a message on the occasion of the campaign launch, which reads as follows:

“We all fail at some point in our lives. Individually or collectively, we all may fail at something sooner or later. This is what life is. My words are about what happens “after” we fall. My words are addressed to those young people in Armenia, who after the downfall of 2020 lost faith in succeeding in and for their own country.

I can relate to what you feel. It’s hard, trust I know it. But it is possible. Difficulties come to test us, to strengthen our will. Its ok to undergo through difficulties and pain. We at Galaxy use to say that difficulties are opening doors to new opportunities. 90% of people give up and stop fighting not because of failures, but because they stop at the first failure.

We believe that Armenia can become a country that gives birth to innovations. We believe that if we support each other if we are responsible and professional, each of us in his own capabilities – a student at a university, a doctor at the hospital, a serviceman at the border, our team and partners in business – we can get ahead of time.” And if we happen to fail, and if we happen to fall, we shall fall forward, because that way we will be one step closer to our destiny.

Fall forward, because the strong is not the one who never falls. But the one who falls forward and rises… We are starting a new wave of business and social development projects for the people of Armenia…”.

As of 2019-21, Galaxy Group of Companies with its Corporate Foundation Implemented about 20 development programs aimed at enhancing the positive image of Armenia, supporting social and educational development, improving lives and communities. Throughout the past two years, the number of direct beneficiaries of the programs has exceeded 12,000. For 2022 Galaxy plans to double the number of development programs, with a hope to make modest, yet sustainable contribution towards social improvement, recovery and development of Armenia’s economy.

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