Thought Leaders. «95-55 homeland»

Tigranes the Great’s Armenia from 95-55 BC is the stuff of legends, passed down from generation to generation as the brighest spot in our great nation’s history. Unfortunately, none of us witnessed or truly experienced this great period of time. Though, the general consensus is that we have to form a new model based on the “95-55 BC nation”.

In 2019, together with, we launched a new series of interviews with “thought leaders”. The purpose of the project is to develop the ‘thought leadership’ principle in the media domain, creating a platform for people with different backgrounds, perspectives and views to express themselves on the same issues. People, innovation, technology, business, arts… today marks the ending of our interview series with 30 brilliants minds, for which we wish to extend our gratitude towards our colleagues.

A huge thanks goes to’s editor-in-chief, Haykazn Ghahriyan, and leading journalist, Roza Hovhannisyan, for joining in us on this project, sharing and promoting this new discourse on a public level. Big credits also go to Agape for the photos and our amazing partners at 256 hub and LOFT for helping us when we need them. And finally, thank you to our brilliants interviewees who shared their personal stories, ideas and suggestions with us. You rock, guys.

Official Statements
Aram Khachatryan is elected as a member of the Board to CCI France Armenia
During the regular session of the Board of Trustees of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI FA) Armenia, the Co-Founder and CEO of Galaxy Group, Aram Khachatryan was unanimously elected as a me ...
September 08, 2022
The unbeatable location of the building on Teryan street provides residents with entertainment, dining, and shopping opportunities, all in close proximity. It is just a few minutes walking distance fr ...
September 07, 2022
Galaxy Group of Companies has expanded its influence in Armenia’s economic life
At the core of every business are people who ensure progress through teamwork. This idea is the base of this year’s concept for the economic and social impact report of Galaxy Group of Companies. ...
September 01, 2022