“Galaxy Group: Choosing Excellence.”. Artyom Khachatryan’s Interview with Nouvelles d’Arménie

The big family of Galaxy Group has garnered attention in the French publication “Nouvelles d’Arménie.” In a recent interview with Artyom Khachatryan, co-founder of Galaxy Group, the magazine published an extensive article titled “Galaxy Group: Choosing Excellence.” The piece delves into the history of the company and its remarkable success.

“We are honored to be recognized as one of the 100 pillars of Armenia’s economy,” says Artyom Khachatryan. “The average salary in the group is nearly twice the national average, allowing us to attract and retain top-tier professionals.”

According to the publication, Galaxy Group of Companies offers end-to-end project management, from concept to implementation. Before embarking on a project, the management team identifies the competitive advantages it offers and makes a decision to proceed only if it can positively impact the lives of customers. This approach has proven to be successful, as the Group has a track record of delivering successful projects.

The publication states that the legendary French brand PAUL opened its doors in Armenia in 2022 thanks to Galaxy Group, which took a unique approach to the project. The entire process, from initial negotiations to the opening of the first café, took five years.

“Paul is a significant project for us, as it represents the trust and affection between France and Armenia. It also relates to the culture of bread sharing, which is an important part of Armenian culture,” notes Artyom Khachatryan.

Thanks to Galaxy Group, other French brands will soon be available in Armenia and neighboring countries. The Group is positioning itself as a vector for French and international economic growth, not only in Armenia but in the wider region as well.

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