With Big Hearts and Small Hands

Dear readers, this small video has a great history and perhaps a special significance. This year, 200 of our partners received houses that are a symbol of good deeds. And the story was this…
This year, our country faced terrible events, and many children from Artsakh lost their homes and chances for happy childhood memories.

Though we can’t bring back what they’ve lost, we’ve chosen to illuminate the darkness instead of bemoaning it. That’s why the Galaxy community started the “United and Caring” humanitarian initiative, supporting 5,000 families.

As part of this initiative, we invited 50 children to Bari Tnak’s pottery workshop before Christmas. This served as our modest offering: an escape from their concerns, a journey from their regions to Yerevan, and an opportunity to collaborate with experts. At the workshop’s conclusion, they could design and create any item. Their choice was to craft a home and to gift good people as a symbol of goodwill.
May the dreams of both the creators and recipients materialize, they’ve decided. Indeed, may every home thrive under a peaceful sky.


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